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Hi, my name is audrey!

I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist,
I help adults ditch dieting and implement sustainable nutrition habits to prevent chronic health conditions.

  • Are you feeling… 

    • Confused by all of the misinformation online, and you just don’t know what to eat to make your meals balanced and healthy?

    • Overwhelmed with reading all of the ingredients on the nutrition labels while you grocery shop? 

    • Stressed planning balanced and healthy meals? ​

    • Worried about what you’re going to eat in social gatherings?

Services that I offer

1:1 Nutrition Counseling

Grocery Store Tours and Kitchen Pantry Tours

Meal Plans

What our clients are saying:

"I have been more conscious about what I eat now and learning new ways to get creative with a plant-based diet! I feel healthier and love that I am able to reach my weight goals more realistically."

-Andrea, Research Assistant

"I would Highly Recommend Audrey's services & packages with NutriflourishLLC to anyone seeking to get in better shape, expand their plate & understanding the importance of Nutrition & diet, or take more control of their health by developing healthy eating habits & learning the endless restorative benefits of Nutrition & Diet, and especially Meal-Prepping. Being beyond kind, empathetic, resourceful, accommodating, helpful, knowledgeable & factual I was left with no questions at all during every session. I knew my prayers to take my Nutrition/Dietary needs seriously to benefit my Holistic Practice were answered by following my gut instincts by trusting someone as Professional as herself to steer my Health & Dietary needs in the right direction! This was everything I needed and more, you won't be disappointed when trusting her guidance!"

-Matt, CEO 

"Working with Audrey has been great. I needed help expanding my diet, and improving the taste of my meals while continuing to maintain my own already rigid diet. 


I was thrilled at how much she was able to do. She broke down my diet with me, gave me tons of new meal ideas, recipes, completely remodeled the way I snack throughout the day, took the parts of my diet that could be better and showed me how to improve them, helped me set targets I want to hit, did check sessions with me, really everything I needed and it’s been a huge benefit for me. 


I highly recommend a program regardless of where you are at nutritionally." 

-Rich, CEO

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