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Meet audrey!

Hi, there! I'm Audrey Butler, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.  I help my clients implement a nutritionally-balanced diet to feel healthy, prevent, manage chronic health conditions.

As a predominantly plant-based eater, I’ve seen the impact that food has on how we feel by having more energy and less gut issues.

My passion for wellness led me to study nutrition at Benedictine University so I could help people understand how to implement food as medicine in their lives. 


Here’s how I can help you achieve your nutrition goals: 

  • Learn how to manage a health condition (like diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol) with a nutritionally-balanced diet 

  • Learn how to grocery shop with ease, including how to read nutrition labels, meal plan, shop for, and prepare nutritionally balanced meals

  • Learn how to include the foods you love 

  • Learn how to achieve your health and weight loss goals through nutrition and food 

Check out my services here!


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Why choose a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, like me, for your nutrition care?

  • As part of the requirements to become an RDN I completed:

    • Bachelor's degree in science focusing on nutrition and dietetics

    • Traveled abroad to Florence, Italy to learn how to teach individuals to implement the Mediterranean diet to optimize their health

    • Master's of Science degree in Healthcare Administration

    • 1200 practicum hours of a dietetic internship

    • Passed an intensive exam to become a registered dietitian nutritionist

    • Every FIVE years I will have to complete continuing education hours to keep my registration up to date

  • During my career so far I have experienced:

    • Treating patients in a hospital setting with clinical nutrition care

    • Presenting on important nutrition topics such as mindful eating, older adult nutrition, and general nutrition to a variety of different audiences

    • Partnering with other health-conscious professionals such as Fitness Centers, Meal delivery services, and Holistic medicine practitioners. Contact me here to find out how we can partner together!

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